"Harvest" T-Shirt

"Harvest" T-Shirt

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Do you want to share your love for silly creatures with the world? Then this comfortable T-shirt is for you!

Looking for a smaller size? This design is also available as a kids t-shirt.

  • Product Information

    • fabric material: 100% cotton (white), 99% cotton 1% polyester (ash)
    • fabric weight: 4.2 oz (142 g/m2)
    • pre-shrunk fabric

    XS length: 27"(68.6cm), width: 16.5"(40.6cm)
    length: 28"(71.1cm), width: 18"(45.7cm)
    length: 29"(73.7cm), width: 20"(50.8cm)
    length: 30"(76.2cm), width: 22"(55.9cm)
    XL length: 31"(78.7cm), width: 24"(61cm)
    2XL length: 32"(81.3cm), width: 26"(66cm)
    3XL length: 33"(83.8cm), width: 28"(71.1cm)
    4XL length: 34"(86.4cm), width: 30"(76.2cm)
    5XL length: 36"(91.4cm), width: 31"(78.7cm)

  • Print on Demand

    This is a print on demand product. This means when you order this item, it will be printed just for you.

    Printing and shipping is handled by a seperate company (as opposed the regular items, which are shipped by me personally) so I am not directly involved in the process. Of course you can still reach out to me any time if you have any questions.

    If you order different types of products, they may be shipped in multiple packages. You will receive a shipping number for each package.


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